Methodis Agogic Centre

Behavior Standards



At the MAC, pupils are encouraged to habitually practice good behavior and so become self-disciplined and develop self-control.

To achieve this, all pupils are encouraged to behave in the following manner:

1. To love and honour God

2. To have respect for all their elders

3. To love and cherish their teachers

4. To be polite and friendly

5. To listen attentively to what others are saying

6. To show kindness to others

7. To be honest and trustworthy

8. To show common courtesy to others

9. To be obedient to those in authority

10. 10. To show respect to each other as well as property

11. To carry out their tasks quietly

12. To concentrate and remain on task

13. To work to the best of their ability

14. To have pride in their work

15. To keep the classroom as tidy as possible

The MAC believes that good behavior should be recognized and reinforced through the use of privileges and rewards. Such rewards and privileges often include:

1. Positive letters to parents and guardians

2. Praises in assemblies

3. Appropriate stickers

4. Small tokens- pencils, pens, story books

5. Be class monitor